When it’s time to renovate aging lab buildings, one of the most challenging utilities to update is the vacuum system. The pipes are built into the walls of the building itself, and may not deliver vacuum to where it’s needed for the new plan. Pipes are often corroded and leaking after decades of use, so just replacing the central pump won’t improve system performance.

One option is to purchase individual vacuum pumps for each user. But, that takes up a lot of bench space, adds to service complexity and complicates pump exhaust collection. It would be much better to have an in-lab, multi-user system that can be installed quickly with minimal disruption, and can adapt as needs change.

That solution is provided by a VACUU·LAN® local vacuum network. The technology works for renovations as well as new construction, saves energy, and scales from a single bench to an entire building. To learn more, contact VACUUBRAND today.