Do you need a vacuum pump, sir?
How ‘bout one that doesn’t bump, sir?
Doesn’t need a guiding hand.

We’ve got many other choices
That respond when users’ voices
Shout “I want that vacuum quiet!”
“Put that footprint on a diet!”

“Make it chemical resistant!”
(The scientists are so insistent!)
Flow-paths made of fluoroplastic
Help prevent corrosion, drastic.

Unharmed by those nasty vapors
Our pumps speed your research papers.
15,000 hours a pop
In between each service stop.

You worked hard to be called “Doc”
Yet you work against the clock.
Vacuum run with electronics
Could make time for gin & tonics.

Are your fondest “aspirations”
At your tissue culture stations?
Model B-V-C’s the one
Safely gets the suction done.

We know service is a pain
When your pump is rot’ry vane.
HYBRID is where you belong…
Oil that lasts ten times as long!

We have Synchro pumps that run
Two lab vacuum tasks, not one.
How ‘bout an evaporation…
Meanwhile, running a filtration?

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