One of the most common issues we help customers with is how to measure units and communicate that information to others.  While this might sound simple, there are a multitude of units used to measure pressure.  The potential for confusion is often confounded by the fact that pressure (and thus vacuum) can be measured on an absolute basis or on gauge, or relative, basis.  It seems that everyone is comfortable working with different vacuum units.

Having a greater comfort level with one unit or another is perfectly fine.  But it is critically important that vacuum units are communicated clearly to prevent process conditions from being set incorrectly, or to prevent the purchase of under- or over-sized pumps.

To help avoid these problems, we’ve created a vacuum and flow unit conversion page that you can refer to.  This page will help you to convert between the most common absolute and gauge vacuum units as well as common flow units.   Or send a quick email and ask us to send you one of our free vacuum unit conversion slide rules.  (Sorry – available to ship only to addresses in the U.S.)

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