Another question that we often hear from our customers is, what pump do I need?  The right answer depends upon a variety of factors – such as the nature of the process or application, the working pressure and/or flow rate required, the desired process time, if the pump will be exposed to aggressive chemicals, and what sort of process control is desired (manual, electronic, automated).

Because it’s often difficult for customers to gather all of this information, we regularly work with customers to size a pump for their particular needs based on the information available.  We’ve published an online pump selection guide that can help you to identify the right pump for your needs.  Or, with a quick conversation or email exchange, we can typically whittle down the options to a small group of pumps for your consideration.

For more complex pump sizing exercises, there are a variety of other tools that are available which can help estimate the pump capacity you’ll need.  We’ll address these tools, and how they work, in future posts.