In our last post, we talked about our pump selection guide as one tool that we’ve made available to identify the right vacuum pump for your needs.  This is a great tool to use to quickly narrow down your options, especially if you have a sense of your operating parameters.

But sometimes people are not sure about the pumping speed (or flow rate) that is appropriate for their process.  With that in mind, we have put together two different calculators to help size pumps for applications like vacuum drying or solvent stripping.  Generally speaking, these applications all center around the idea of inducing a chemical or mixture of chemicals to evaporate at reduced temperature by pulling a vacuum.  One calculator can be used to estimate how long a process will take for a given pumping speed; the second calculator estimates what flow rate is needed to complete a process in a given period of time.  Both calculators provide first-order estimates based on the ideal gas law and a few process-specific parameters.

Or you can always email us to get help in sizing a pump.