We have developed a series of calculators and converters to help with some of the more frequently asked vacuum equipment questions that we run into.

  • Vacuum & Flow Rate Calculator – convert between common units to measure vacuum pressure and flow rate.
  • Vacuum Drying Process Time Calculator – have a drying application and trying to figure out how long it should take? This calculator uses the ideal gas law to estimate the process time for you based on the physical properties of the solvents you are using.
  • Vacuum Drying Process Flow Rate Calculator – if you’re trying to estimate how much pumping speed (flow rate) you need to complete your drying process, use this calculator.
  • Chamber Evacuation Flow Rate Calculator – for cases where you just need to pump down a dry chamber, this calculator will give you an estimate of the pumping speed required.
  • Application-Based Pump Selection Guide – if you need help selecting a pump for your work, our application-based selection guide will help you, even if you don’t know the specs you want in your pump.
  • Parametric Pump Selection Guide – answer a few simple questions about the things you’re looking for in your new vacuum pump, and we’ll give you some options to consider.

Learn more about what to consider in a vacuum pump at VACUU-LAN.com or reach out to VACUUBRAND Inc. at info@vacuubrand.net.