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Where central lab vacuum systems fall short – Sustainability

The traditional approach to providing vacuum for science labs was a central vacuum system. Also known as "house vacuum," these systems used one or more large pumps to send vacuum through copper tubing throughout the building from their location in a basement. The large central pumps typically operate 24/7, ensuring that vacuum will be available at [...]

2019-04-18T13:26:14-04:00March 29th, 2018|Local Vacuum Networks|

Where central lab vacuum systems fall short – Renovations

Traditional lab building vacuum systems – commonly called house vacuum or central vacuum systems - rely on one or more large pumps in the basement to send vacuum through a network of large diameter copper or stainless tubing throughout the building to the labs. Because house vacuum systems are built into the infrastructure of their building, [...]

2019-04-18T13:27:42-04:00March 22nd, 2018|Local Vacuum Networks|