While VACUU-LAN® local vacuum networks are often part of new laboratory designs and renovations, installed by plumbing contractors, because of their ease of installation, they can also be installed by system end-users. Such was the case at the University of Colorado where the lab coordinator and undergraduates of the university chemistry department installed their own local vacuum network in a matter of hours. This gave their labs the vacuum depth and flowrate they needed without the use of multiple benchtop vacuum pumps and without an expensive building-wide vacuum system overhaul.

Since a local vacuum network consists of a small lab vacuum pump, small diameter PTFE tubing, and compression fittings, setup is easy. This installation even included an electronic condenser to minimize exhaust of vapors from vacuum applications. The pumps only require standard 120V AC (wall) power, and the piping can be cut with a simple tubing cutter and joined with compression fittings that only require 2 or 3 wrenches (as opposed to copper piping brazing or soldering of traditional lab central vacuum systems).

Vacuum turrets are easily installed, and can even be done with surface mounted bases when it’s impractical in existing lab space to get behind casework or drywall to complete the installation. The result is still the same high performance system as professionally installed systems, with simple installation and maintenance. Experience with individual lab installations eventually led the University of Colorado to choose VACUU-LAN® technology for a subsequent science building renovation.