VACUUBRAND’s chemical resistant diaphragm pumps are designed and built to run reliably.  With our unique stability core design and overmolded layer of ETFE, our pumps have exceptional mechanical stability that leads to extremely long pump life.  The mechanical stability of the pump head comes from a solid metal core.  This design ensures the dimensional stability of the pump head and of the clearance of rotating parts, so the performance of the pump remains consistent over the life of the pump.


By using a planar PTFE diaphragm and FFKM flapper valves, typical service intervals of 15,000 operating hours are readily achievable. The ‘sandwich’ diaphragm uses a PTFE wetted layer backed by FKM to maximize durability.  The planar diaphragm design eliminates residual stresses in the PTFE/FKM layers, and the life of the diaphragm is substantially extended.

Another benefit of the mechanical stability of the pump head is that VACUUBRAND’s pumps are exceptionally quiet.  Many pumps begin to make noise as the pump ages.  This is caused by deformation of the pump’s rotating components as a result of mechanical stress.  As deformation occurs, clearances between rotating parts become tighter and result in additional noise when the pump is operating.

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