Do you need additional vacuum capacity in your lab, and don’t have the budget either for a lab renovation or an additional pump? Maybe you need to run two rotavaps or two cell culture aspiration stations, and only have one pump. The VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network could be the answer. The Mini-Network is connected with vacuum tubing to an oil-free vacuum pump that you already own, or a new VACUUBRAND diaphragm vacuum pump, and your one pump now supports up to three applications.

Set-up takes just a few minutes. Three VACUU•LAN® turrets are mounted and pre-plumbed on a channel that can be attached to a wall or lab frame. Unlike a simple vacuum tubing manifold, VACUU•LAN® turrets incorporate flow control knobs, as well as check valves in the VACUU•LAN® turrets that limit interference between applications. This helps avoid pressure spikes in one application when an adjacent vacuum port is opened.

Connect a small filtration pump, like the VACUUBRAND ME1 or ME1C (the latter for more corrosive applications), and the VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network will provide filtration-capable vacuum to three operations from single pump. Select a pump with deeper vacuum capacity and higher pumping speed (like the MD4C NT), and you can deliver 1.1 Torr vacuum to two VACUU•LAN® Mini-Networks – up to six applications from the one pump. Need vacuum control? Add a “CVC 3000 detect” to any one of the vacuum turrets and get programmable vacuum for your application without buying a new pump with built-in control.

At VACUUBRAND®, we are experts in vacuum for science. To learn more about our laboratory and OEM vacuum pumps, please visit our website. If you’d like details about our modular, energy-saving alternative to central vacuum systems for labs, our technology microsite offers an overview. Or simply contact us today about your lab vacuum needs.