Finding “Your Perfect Match”
The easiest way to find the right vacuum pump!

Vacuum is a very commonly used technology in the laboratory especially in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, and physics, where vacuum is required for many applications in production or analytical processes.

The new online tool from VACUUBRAND – the “Vacuum Pump Selection Guide” now makes the process of finding the right technology and the best vacuum pump match for your individual requirements much easier.

With a few simple clicks, you can select your chosen application, specify a few important parameters to reduce the choices down to the best-proposed options. A more detailed description and the technical data now allow for direct comparison between the different models. If you still have further technical questions, then the product specialists at VACUUBRAND can be contacted with just one click.

The aim is to make the pump selection process much easier for our customers and sales partners. With the new Vacuum Pump Selection Guide, the user can choose the right system for their application and their specific requirements without the need for any additional help or expert knowledge. – Daniel Barthel, Online Specialist at VACUUBRAND.