Do I need to provide an exhaust point from the network pump?

Yes. In some applications, the exhaust from the pumps is expected to be innocuous. The problem is that lab uses change over time, and scientists using vacuum ports assume that noxious vapors are carried away safely. It is always a better plan to exhaust the network pumps through the building exhaust system – either directly or [...]

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Do pump cabinets need mechanical ventilation to remove heat?

VACUU•LAN® pumps have motors that draw between 250 and 530 watts. This will generate heat in a closed cabinet, but the heat can be easily managed by planning for convective airflow past the pumps. A common solution is to remove the cabinet backs to permit airflow into the service chase behind benches and fume hoods, and [...]

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How difficult is installation of a VACUU•LAN® local vacuum network?

A VACUU•LAN® network is much easier to install than the rigid copper or stainless tubing networks of a central vacuum system. All VACUU•LAN® network connections are compression fittings that can be made with simple hand tools and minimal training. No welding or brazed connections are required. Contact us to request a copy of the full installation [...]

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