A VACUU•LAN® network is much easier to install than the rigid copper or stainless tubing networks of a central vacuum system. All VACUU•LAN® network connections are compression fittings that can be made with simple hand tools and minimal training. No welding or brazed connections are required. Contact us to request a copy of the full installation instructions.

We do make one recommendation to ensure a vacuum-tight network and avoid rework. The network can be tested as installed by connecting the pump first, and then adding the most remote port on the network. By testing each vacuum port as installed, using a vacuum gauge like the cordless DVR2 gauge by VACUUBRAND, you can ensure that each connection is tight and the entire network will provide performance that is up to specification when the network is complete. Tracking down an imperfect connection after the entire network is installed is a much more complicated job that can be avoided by simply testing as you go.