Absolutely. An advantage of a VACUU•LAN® vacuum network is that it can serve a range of vacuum applications at once, while preserving the performance of each port on the vacuum network. We suggest some care in applying this rule. Certain vacuum applications — such as rotary evaporation of complex samples that are subject to bumping and foaming — may be better served with a dedicated pump designed for such applications, such as the VACUUBRAND line of VARIO® pumps. VACUUBRAND’s VARIO® pumps offer self-regulating, continuously optimizing vacuum management of individual applications. Other applications — such as large vacuum ovens with very wet samples and therefore high vapor flow rates — may consume a substantial portion of the network pumping speed such that they can interfere with other users. Most routine lab vacuum applications can be operated simultaneously on a VACUU•LAN® vacuum network with other types of applications.