Extend the ability of your VACUU•LAN® network with products designed to meet your specific requirements.

Electronic, Application-Based Vacuum Controllers

Our VACUU·SELECT® Complete controllers provide intuitive, application-based control right at the point of use. These easy-to-use, touch-screen controllers can be used to provide precise control at any workstation on a VACUU•LAN® network. VACUU·SELECT® controllers come ready to use with applications for all common lab vacuum processes. Just select your application and press start!

BVC Fluid Aspiration System

The BVC basic and BVC basic G connect directly to your VACUU•LAN® network and give you a safe, convenient collection vessel for aspirating tissue culture media and other fluids. Both units come with a vacuum regulator that provides optimal vacuum for aspiration, a robust base stand that prevents spillage, and an ergonomic VHCpro hand control.

Looking to aspirate tissue culture media, but don’t have access to a VACUU•LAN® network? The BVC Professional and BVC Professional G provide the same safety, ergonomics, and ease-of-use as the BVC basic, plus they include a compact-yet-powerful vacuum pump. The vacuum level is easily adjusted, and the integrated liquid level sensor prevents overfilling of the collection vessel.

VHCpro Hand Control

Using your VACUU•LAN® network for aspiration?  Use the VHCpro Hand Control to maximize the network’s capacity.  This ergonomic hand control can be connected directly to your collection flask – or you can use it with your BVC unit.

Pumps for Schlenk Lines and Freeze Dryers

Need a pump for a Schlenk line, freeze dryer, or other fine vacuum application? Our line of compact rotary vane pumps is what you need.  Our quiet rotary vane pumps provide high flow, even as the pumps approach ultimate vacuum. Want to minimize the time and expense of oil changes? Take a look at our RC 6 chemistry-HYBRID pump – an ideal solution for freeze drying (lyophilization) that reduces oil changes by up to 90% over a typical rotary vane pump.