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Reliable, Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pumps

VACUUBRAND's chemical resistant diaphragm pumps are designed and built to run reliably.  With our unique stability core design and overmolded layer of ETFE, our pumps have exceptional mechanical stability that leads to extremely long pump life.  The mechanical stability of the pump head comes from a solid metal core.  This design ensures the dimensional stability of [...]

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Vacuum Gauge & Controller Selection Guide

To help customers quickly identify the best VACUUBRAND gauge or controller for their needs, we've created a new selection guide.  Answer 4 simple questions and you'll get a product recommendation to meet your specs.  You can request a quote directly through the selection guide.  Or if you'd like to talk with us to discuss your requirements in [...]

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Check out our updated website

VACUUBRAND has updated our website.  This site is home to a wealth of technical reference information on our pumps, calculators to assist in pump selection, and white papers.   You can also read about our work in a variety of applications like lyophilization, distillation, vacuum drying, and analytical instrumentation.

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Noise Calculator

Sound levels in a plant or in a lab are often high enough to be distracting, and sometimes they are high enough to create health and safety concerns for workers in the immediate area. We've published a noise level calculator on our website that will help you to judge the impact of selecting a particular piece of equipment [...]

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Local Vacuum Networks – The Reliable Alternative to Central Systems

In addition to VACUUBRAND's pumps, gauges, and controls, our VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks are a lab-by-lab alternative to central vacuum systems.  VACUU·LAN networks provide deep, stable vacuum in new labs and in renovation projects.  Built on VACUUBRAND's durable, chemical-resistant diaphragm pump technology, these local vacuum networks offer a reliable, low-maintenance solution for vacuum in research [...]

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Fine Vacuum Control

Many important research and industrial processes require vacuum in what is referred to as the "fine vacuum" range, which is between 0.1 and 0.001 Torr. In a prior post, we talked about the fact that the Pirani style gauge is often the best option in the fine vacuum range. VACUUBRAND offers fine vacuum control packages in two [...]

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