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Dry, Chemical Resistant Vacuum for Process Development and Kilo Labs

VACUUBRAND's dry, chemical resistant pumps provide an ideal solution for use in process development, scale-up work, and kilo labs.  With no sealing fluid to replace, our dry pumps provide a low maintenance, low operating cost alternative to oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and water ring pumps.  With 15,000 hour service, these pumps can increase productivity by reducing [...]

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Vacuum Measurement – Pirani Gauges

Pirani gauges are a group of indirect measuring pressure gauges which measure the thermal conductivity of the gas sample.  Pirani gauges are typically used in the fine vacuum range (1 torr - 10-3torr), as this is the range where they achieve the best accuracy.   A typical accuracy spec for these indirect-reading gauges is ±15% of [...]

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Vacuum Measurement – Capacitive Gauges

In one of our prior posts, we talked about the key differences between direct and indirect vacuum gauges.  One of the most common direct gauge technologies is the capacitive gauge.  This post will review how these gauges are constructed and how they work. At their core, capacitive gauges consist of a thin diaphragm and two capacitive [...]

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Vacuum Measurement Made Easy

Finding a vacuum gauge for monitoring chemical processes can be a challenge.  There are few gauges that simultaneously cover the appropriate vacuum range with sufficient accuracy and have the ability to cope with regular exposure to aggressive chemicals.  VACUUBRAND's VACUU·VIEW™ and VACUU·VIEW extended™ gauges address these needs. These compact, easy-to-use gauges are designed for long life, even [...]

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Vacuum Measurement – Direct & Indirect Gauges

Because vacuum technology spans 15 orders of magnitude (103 mbar - 10-12 mbar, or 760 torr - 10-12 torr), there is no single vacuum gauge that can cover the full range.   Consequently, a number of different gauge technologies have been developed in order to measure vacuum within ranges of common interest.  These various gauge technologies [...]

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Vacuum Pump Sizing – Estimating Flow Rate

In our last post, we talked about our pump selection guide as one tool that we've made available to identify the right vacuum pump for your needs.  This is a great tool to use to quickly narrow down your options, especially if you have a sense of your operating parameters. But sometimes people are not sure about [...]

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Vacuum Pump Sizing – Selection Guide

Another question that we often hear from our customers is, what pump do I need?  The right answer depends upon a variety of factors - such as the nature of the process or application, the working pressure and/or flow rate required, the desired process time, if the pump will be exposed to aggressive chemicals, and what [...]

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Vacuum Unit Conversion

One of the most common issues we help customers with is how to measure units and communicate that information to others.  While this might sound simple, there are a multitude of units used to measure pressure.  The potential for confusion is often confounded by the fact that pressure (and thus vacuum) can be measured on an [...]

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Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps In Process Operations

Vacuum is a very widely used utility in the process industries – from pharmaceutical and chemical to food and biotechnology. While some applications require fairly deep vacuum – so-called “fine” vacuum – many other operations rely on vacuum in the “rough” range. These rough vacuum applications include suction operations to drive liquid movement or accelerate filtration, [...]

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