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The Chemical Resistance of Vacuubrand’s Pumps

For many people, one of the most important features to consider when sourcing a vacuum pump is the ability of that pump to hold up over the long term.  Pumps are exposed to a wide range of operating conditions that could lead to premature pump failure if the wrong pump is selected.  VACUUBRAND's chemical resistant diaphragm [...]

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Cost Savings With Process Vacuum – Part 2

In light of the operational concerns reviewed in Part 1, this chemical recycling firm decided to evaluate different pump technologies.  Fortunately, recent advances in vacuum pump technology make dry-running pumps a viable option for many of those currently using liquid ring pumps.  Dry pump technologies like chemical-resistant diaphragm pumps can be considered as a viable alternative [...]

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Cost Savings With Process Vacuum Systems – Part 1

Summary:  A number of common industrial processes require vacuum, such as distillation or drying operations.  The necessary vacuum has historically been supplied using a variety of technologies that have high operating costs in terms of both consumables (e.g., oil, water) and maintenance costs.  With recent advances in pump technology, process vacuum can now be supplied using [...]

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VACUU·VIEW™ extended combines a ceramic diaphragm sensor with a jacketed Pirani sensor to provide accurate measurements from atmospheric pressure down to 10-3 torr. Download our VACUU•VIEW™ white paper Contact Vacuubrand, Inc. to get more information or call 888-882-6730

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How to select lab vacuum pumps for high vapor-flow applications

When selecting a vacuum pump for lyophilization, evaporation or concentration applications, a vital consideration in pump performance is vapor tolerance. These applications tend to involve high vapor flows that make extra demands of the pumping capacity, so a pump that is designed to handle those vapors is important to your success. But what do we mean [...]

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Success Story: The Prestigious Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI)

The prestigious Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) had some issues to resolve. Their existing central vacuum system could not get down to the chemistry quality vacuum level they required to run their more demanding applications.  How could they add another laboratory-wide vacuum system while still staying within the tight budget framework that they had [...]

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