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Join us at the AOCS Annual Meeting

Visit VACUUBRAND, INC. (booth #309) at the AOCS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL between April 30th and May 3rd.   Learn about the latest advances in the science and technology of fats and oils at the meeting.  Then stop by the Industry Showcase and learn about our selection of whisper-quiet pumps, advanced vacuum controls and VACUU·VIEW™ vacuum [...]

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Who will win the Lab of the Year?

Head to Raleigh for the 2017 Lab Design Conference and find out who wins the Lab of the Year award!  This conference, held from April 24-26 this year, will include presentations from the winning project teams. VACUUBRAND will be attending the conference this year to keep up with the latest trends in the lab design industry, [...]

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Need help with vacuum system design?

Do you have a new product design that needs vacuum supply? Talk to our Experts in Vacuum for Science™ to review your specific vacuum needs, and identify the right vacuum levels, working flow rate, and control for your application. Learn more about our approach to vacuum system design here.  

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Pump Selection Considerations

A number of factors need to be considered to properly size and specify a vacuum pump.  In some of our previous posts, we've discussed topics like how to determine the right flow rate for your new pump.  Considerations such as this are readily evaluated through the use of calculators such as those we have posted on [...]

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Vacuum…It’s everywhere: pollution capture

Vacuum…It’s everywhere: Smog-free cities? Dutch inventors are working hard at using vacuum to create smog free cities. In recent years, two projects have taken root in the Netherlands to build giant vacuum cleaners that will suck in air polluted with micro particulates, capture them, and release clean air. The targets of these technologies are fine and [...]

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Request a Lab Vacuum Planning Guide

The VACUUBRAND Lab Planning Guide addresses the many issues you need to consider in specifying vacuum for lab buildings, from the scientific uses of vacuum, to various pump technologies, to the differences in design priorities for teaching and research labs. The Guide also includes a Programming Checklist for Lab Vacuum. Request a free copy here.

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