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Vacuum…it’s Everywhere: Preserving that Holiday Gift Wine

Wine spoilage. A nice bottle of wine is a pretty common house gift for those invited to a holiday gathering. But what happens if the bottle is opened for a taste, but much of it remains when your guests leave? You know that, once the cork is pulled, the air will cause the wine to degrade. [...]

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Success Story: Operating Cost Savings at Purdue University

In 2012, Purdue University’s Biochemistry department noticed that the vacuum system in their building was eating a hole in the budget.  Analysis by design firm Loftus Engineering showed that running the vacuum system had annual operating costs of about $400,000.  On top of the astronomical costs, researchers and students were not able to depend on the [...]

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Single Pump Selection Guide

What depth of vacuum to do you need? If you only need a vacuum pump for filtration or aspiration applications, modest vacuum levels are all you need to induce a pressure differential or suction force. Evaporative work in boiling off materials may require deeper vacuum levels perhaps even down to the 1-5 torr range. Freeze drying [...]

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