Vacuum Port Mounting Options

Once the type of VACUU•LAN® vacuum port has been selected (see options), the first consideration for VACUU•LAN® network designers and installers is whether the fittings will be flush-mounted (with concealed tubing, using the A5 mounting bases) or surface-mounted (with exposed tubing, using the A1 mounting bases). All VACUU•LAN® vacuum port options are compatible with either base, except those for fume hood installation, which are designed for flush-mounting only. VACUUBRAND recommends the A5 flush-mounting approach where possible, since the result is the more finished appearance, as shown here.

Since the flush-mounted bases are installed though bench-tops and fume hoods, it is always preferable that these cut-outs be predrilled to ensure exact locations and to avoid the risks of errors during on-site installation. Predrilling also eliminates delays associated with on-site drilling of epoxy countertops. VACUUBRAND will supply templates for cut-outs to the casework and fume hood manufacturer chosen by the client so that they can be predrilled, and even mounted, before delivery.

The surface-mounted A1 bases are very helpful in leased or temporary space, and for emergency installations – where a network can be installed in an hour or two in an occupied lab. Two screws secure each port in place, and exposed tubing connections are made between the surface-mounted fittings. If necessary, all components of the network can be quickly de-mounted and relocated to new space.

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