Tubing & Fittings

A VACUU•LAN® network consists of a VACUUBRAND server pump and VACUU•LAN® ports with integral check valves, plumbed with PTFE tubing using compression connections.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Connection of VACUUBRAND network pumps to standard copper tubing and conventional ball valves will not provide specified network performance. Such an installation will have too much hold-up volume and lack the valve features that protect against interference among applications on the same network. Copper tubing is also much more susceptible to attack from corrosive vapors that can lead to premature leakage and loss of vacuum performance.

Tubing consists of 10/8 mm PTFE tubing with excellent surface characteristics to provide a radius curvature of no less than 150 mm. To avoid kinks in the lines that may interrupt vapor flow, use “T” and “L” compression fittings for turns requiring a smaller radius.

PTFE tubing cuts must be square, using a tubing cutter, and sealing ferrules mounted carefully. See attached file for step-by-step guidance in making vacuum-tight connections.

Vacuum valves are available in a wide array of manual and electronic control options, as described elsewhere on this site. Virtually all variants of the VACUU•LAN® vacuum ports are installed with either the A1 (surface) or A5 (flush) mounting bases. This simplifies the installation of ports, and connection to tubing. Contact VACUUBRAND for a complete installation guide, and drilling templates for bench and fume-hood penetrations.