Tools & Equipment

Essential VACUU•LAN® network installation tools:

  • a tubing cutter, to ensure square, burr-free ends on tubing;
  • an open-end 17 mm wrench to tighten compression fittings;
  • an open-end 14 mm wrench to hold tee, elbow, and union connections while tightening with 17 mm wrench;
  • an open-end 12 mm wrench to hold tee and elbow connections while tightening with 17 mm wrench
  • a Philips head screwdriver to secure vacuum modules to surfaces;


Strongly recommended:

  • a cordless digital vacuum gauge, such as the VACUUBRAND DVR2(cat. no. 682902), with 1 mbar pressure resolution, and a short length of vacuum tubing, for testing vacuum connections regularly during installation. (An analog gauge may not provide sufficient resolution to test vacuum accurately.)
  • drill with small Philips bit and extension for screw-in fittings
  • bushing materials or grommets for furniture holes
  • vacuum pump for proper leak testing of the network

Additional tools that may be needed:

  • a hole saw, such as the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1/2-inch, 7.5 amp drill, with a diamond-plated hole saw to drill bench penetrations when installing mounting bases if these are not pre-drilled by the casework manufacturer. Use mounting bases as templates for layout of drill holes.
  • Electric drill with a tungsten carbide bit to drill small holes in epoxy-resin bench-tops if not pre-drilled;
  • adhesive, such as DELO-PUR® 9691 adhesive from DELO, along with a manual application tool (DELO-AUTOMATIX system 902 and mixing tube 050, short with hose nozzle ( for the most certain results bonding the threads. This can add extra assurance of long-term reliability in tubing runs that will be sealed within walls or located behind immovable equipment like fume hoods. Curing of adhesive is complete in 24 hours.
  • two-part construction epoxy in double caulk gun to secure wall anchors in cinder block;
  • rasp file set for enlarging holes in fume hoods or furniture, as needed;
  • cable ties
  • wire snips to cut cable ties
  • cable clips to support tubing on walls