Workstation Control

With a VACUU•LAN® network, you have the choice of manual or electronic vacuum port control. Manual control provides either simple on-off function, or a continuously variable flow control for approximate vacuum level settings. This is adequate control for most simple lab applications, and even this basic control is greater than that available with the ball valves typical on a central scientific vacuum system.

Alternatively, individual ports can be controlled electronically, offering differentiated vacuum to each workstation on the network. With electronics at each network port, vacuum control is available to all vacuum applications in the lab, and does not have to be purchased repeatedly in each piece of instrumentation. One evaporator can be set to evaporate at 35 Torr, while another evaporator, on the same network and relying on the same server pump, can be programmed with a vacuum ramp or steps between 1000 mbar (atmosphere) and 10 mbar, without application interference. The electronic control provided by the VACUUBRAND CVC 3000 controller and accompanying chemistry-resistant solenoid valve is comparable to the best vacuum control available on commercial vacuum equipment like rotary evaporators.

Vacuum networks can also be equipped with VACUUBRAND’s new web-based VACUU•CONTROL™ remote vacuum control technology. By using the VACUU•CONTROL™ integration scientists can interface with their local vacuum system, and maintain process control while working from their desks. No longer is there a need to baby-sit experiments in order to monitor or control the vacuum; scientists can control multiple vacuum processes from a single web-enabled device. VACUU•CONTROL™ is an easy-to-use, convenient way to get more work done.

Works with virtually any web-enabled device—use your computer, smartphone, or tablet
Get more done—control your vacuum processes remotely while you work at your desk
Improve documentation—integrated data logging supports GLP/GMP objectives
Improve efficiency—software provides real-time alerts to errors or when processes are completed
Enhance safety & save energy—control vacuum applications without opening fume hood
Ideal vacuum control solution for applications down to 10-3 mbar/torr