Vacuum Flexibility

When designing a “flexible” lab building, it is not uncommon for system utilities to be run to every location where service may conceivably be needed in the future, and then capped at those locations where no service is required for the current layout. With a central vacuum system, this is really the only option. This approach means incurring nearly the full cost of vacuum supply to every possible location at the time of construction, even if many of those locations will never be needed. It also means oversizing the system pump and building tubing to provide adequate vapor flow capacity and pumping speed for all possible future users.

In contrast, with a VACUU•LAN® network, if you are not sure at during design phase whether vacuum will be needed in a specific lab, there’s no need to incur construction costs for vacuum “just in case.” Should you need vacuum in a new location at a later date, a local VACUU•LAN®network can be installed in a day or two, with minimal disruption to a working lab. Further, once a VACUU•LAN® network is installed, the degree of control of any individual port can be changed in a minute or two, without tools, allowing labs to relocate controlled ports as needed. Besides investing only in the vacuum capability that is currently needed, this permits a lab to be equipped with the most economical vacuum at the time of construction with the knowledge that more capability can be added later, if needed.