Case Studies and White Papers

Energy Savings with VACUU·LAN® 
Networks at Notre Dame

Energy usage testing was conducted 
on a VACUU-LAN® network at Notre 
Dame, which revealed a projected 
net energy savings estimate of about 
55% over a central vacuum system. 

Problem-Focused Science Demands 
Building Adaptability

VACUU-LAN® vacuum networks supported 
Notre Dame’s objective of building 
a research building adaptable over 
time to support a problem-focused 
approach to its scientific program.

Selecting Vacuum Pumps for High 
Vapor-Flow Applications

Criteria for selecting vacuum pumps 
to handle application with high vapor-
flows such as lyophilization and 

Purdue Saves $400,000 per Year by 
Replacing its Central Vacuum System

Purdue replaced its steam ejector 
central vacuum system with VACUU-LAN® 
local vacuum networks, which resulted 
in significant utility savings of 
approximately $30,000 per month.
Sustainability in Lab Vacuum

Numerous laboratory vacuum solutions 
are available that support 
sustainability and green objectives. 
VACUU-LAN® Local Vacuum Networks:
Benefits for Scientists

VACUU-LAN® local vacuum networks 
offer operating advantages for 
institutions but also provides 
significant benefits for scientists 
working in the lab.

VACUU·LAN® Vacuum Networks 
for Biocontainment

VACUU-LAN® local vacuum networks 
maintain biocontainment by allowing 
multiple applications within a 
Biosaftey lab to run on a single pump 
isolated from other vacuum networks.
VACUU·LAN® Vacuum Networks at York 
College of Pennsylvania

To increase capacity, York College 
installed VACUU-LAN® local vacuum 
networks to meet the demand of their 
expanding laboratory science program. 

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