Lab Vacuum for Life Science

Sample purity in biological research and production is critical. Careful consideration needs to be taken when incorporating equipment, such as laboratory vacuum, in order to prevent cross-contamination. VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks combine the space efficiency of a central vacuum system and process isolation that is achieved with individual workstation pumps.

VACUU•LAN® Local Vacuum Networks

VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks utilize a system of connected ports with a compact dry laboratory vacuum pump, which can support multiple biosafety cabinets or users at a lab bench. The lab vacuum pump is sufficiently compact to fit in casework under a lab bench or fume hood and quiet enough that it operates virtually undetected.

Process Isolation

In conjunction with good laboratory practices, process isolation eliminates contamination that can occur from a traditional central vacuum system. VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks not only isolate processes from each other by incorporating in-line check valves in the proprietary port (turret) design, but these systems also reduce exhaust points and can even direct the exhaust to HEPA filters as needed.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Applications from cell or tissue culture aspiration to freeze drying all utilize vacuum but the specific level or depth vary for each process. While individual pumps for each application may not be possible or efficient, many of these processes can be supported by a single pump on VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks. VACUUBRAND’s turrets and valves are specially designed to maximize vacuum depth and stability at each point of use by isolating ongoing work from temporary pressure spikes caused by high flow applications or a valve mistakenly open to atmosphere. In addition, multiple applications can be supported simultaneously while supporting high flow processes and preventing cross-contamination.

When lab designs require scaling, VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks can easily adapt to support the growth need. The modular design allows additional vacuum ports to be added and vacuum depth to be changed by simply adding or replacing pumps.

Configured to the specific layout and needs of each laboratory, VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks have the capability to produce stable and reliable vacuum with a single small pump located in casework that runs so quiet as to be unnoticed.

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