Lab Vacuum For Biologists

VACUU•LAN® local vacuum network systems use a single, quiet pump to supply vacuum to multiple users at the bench or biosafety cabinet. They combine the convenience and space efficiency of central vacuum with the flexibility, adaptability and process isolation of individual workstation vacuum pumps. We can help with the specification and layout of the lab vacuum system, freeing you for your research.


Process Isolation In The Lab

Your laboratory thrives on biological sample production and utilization. Sample purity is of utmost importance. You cannot afford to have these samples compromised. While nothing can replace good laboratory practices, isolating processes can eliminate one important source of contamination – transfer from other labs through a central vacuum system.
VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks not only isolate processes from other labs, but simplify biocontainment by reducing exhaust points and directing vacuum system exhaust to HEPA filters, as needed. In research parks, local vacuum network systems protect labs from the risk of contamination form neighboring labs.


Technologies from aspiration and filtration to evaporation and to freeze dryers rely on vacuum, but the specific lab vacuum needs differ by orders of magnitude. Individual pumps for each piece of equipment may not be feasible – if only for space considerations. Many of these applications can be supported by VACUU•LAN® local vacuum network systems.
Local vacuum networks can provide access to vacuum throughout your lab for various instruments and applications. The vacuum turrets are designed to reduce competition for lab vacuum resources, so a small local pump can support several users simultaneously. They can be configured for flexible lab layouts, or plumbed directly to benches and biosafety cabinets.
From simple aspiration processes to concentrators, gel dryers and evaporators that require deeper levels of vacuum, the local vacuum network has the flexibility to deliver the vacuum you need, where you need it.




At one moment your lab may be a one-person operation in a small lab space. The next moment, your team makes great scientific strides, lands additional projects, and dramatically increases the demands on your lab. Scaling your operations and adapting to these changes can be a real challenge.
With VACUU·LAN® local vacuum network systems, scaling and reconfiguring to respond to growth or a new, urgent mission are easy. With its modular design, you can simply add vacuum turrets to an existing network, increase the vacuum depth by changing pumps, or simply add a completely new network. All of this can be done within your existing lab space – in hours.
Lab Vacuum Automation & Control

VACUU·LAN® lab vacuum networks can be automated to produce vacuum only as needed. While on standby awaiting demand, pumps only draw 2 watts of power. In addition, individual vacuum turrets can be outfitted with programmable controls, freeing up the most valuable resource in the lab – the scientist – for critical thinking tasks. Conditions can even be documented via computer connections.
VACUU·LAN® network control options provide the accuracy your assays need to be successful, and the precision they need for quality assurance.

With one lab vacuum pump serving several users, right-sized installations, energy-saving vacuum on demand, extremely low maintenance requirements, and their contribution to high lab productivity, VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks are an adaptable, economical solution for lab vacuum supply.

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