Research Parks & Incubator Labs

When you build a core-and-shell structure for multiple clients, you want to be ready with fully functional lab space when you find a client firm, but don’t want to spend more than necessary until you have a tenant and know their needs. Some clients may require vacuum support; some do not. How do you provide vacuum — economically — for those tenants that need it without paying for a central vacuum installation that many of your research park tenants may not be willing to pay for? The central system also has ongoing costs for energy and maintenance, even if only one tenant needs vacuum.


For these buildings, consider VACUU•LAN® networks. You install only the vacuum you need for a tenant who has expressed desire for vacuum. Installation can usually be done in less than a day. Vacuum is supplied within a single tenant’s space, so there is no risk of cross-contamination, and no debates about allocation of shared utility costs. Costs can be built into lease charges. There are no capital or operating costs for a underutilized building-wide utility.