Multidisciplinary Labs

When building a multidisciplinary science building, some of your labs require vacuum support; some do not. You know that your needs will change over time, but can’t predict just how they will change. How do you provide appropriate vacuum — economically — for those applications that need it without paying for vacuum installations that you don’t need?

With a central vacuum system, the only option is to overbuild for all possible future users, and deliver the same vacuum to every lab, even though many labs won’t need vacuum at all, and many others will need vacuum of a depth that the central vacuum system can’t supply. Alternatively, you could purchase individual vacuum pumps for each vacuum workstation. This may be the right solution for labs with demanding applications, but many labs lack the bench space for so many pumps, and could benefit from a cost-saving, space-conserving alternative.

VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks provide a solution with the performance and on-demand efficiency of individual pumps, but the space saving character of central vacuum. As modular systems, they can change as the labs needs change, and can be right-sized to the known need without forfeiting the option of vacuum supply in currently unserved locations.