Lab Renovations

How do you provide lab vacuum supply — economically — when you’re renovating a science building? Replacing the central lab vacuum system is often not an option – especially in staged renovations. While dedicated lab vacuum pumps – such as VACUUBRAND® VARIO® systems – can offer the ultimate in vacuum control, many labs have simpler demands of their vacuum, or need to conserve bench space.

Why not consider a VACUU•LAN® local vacuum network? VACUU•LAN® networks rely on a single local vacuum pump to support multiple vacuum users – a space- and energy-efficient way to provide high performance vacuum to a lab. As an in-lab, on-demand vacuum solution, local vacuum networks allow you to update your lab vacuum utility one lab at a time – ideal for staged renovations or single-lab projects. Unlike lab vacuum approaches that rely on water or compressed air, there is no building-wide utility to update or maintain, and you save on water and energy for the life of the building. Institutions such as UC-Boulder use VACUU-LAN lab vacuum systems in their renovated organic chemistry teaching labs. And unlike individual vacuum pumps, exhaust vapors can be much more easily managed with a single pump instead of many.