Instant Multi-User Vacuum

Sometimes you need more vacuum capacity in your lab but don’t have the plans (or budget!) for a renovation or new lab. How do you provide higher quality vacuum and more vacuum workstations quickly and without construction costs? Consider a VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network.

Three VACUU•LAN® valve modules are mounted and pre-plumbed on a channel that can be attached to a wall or lab frame. The Mini-Network tubing is connected to a new VACUUBRAND diaphragm vacuum pump, or an oil-free vacuum pump that you already own, with vacuum tubing, and your one pump now supports three applications. Connect a small filtration pump, like the VACUUBRAND ME1 or ME1C (the latter for more corrosive applications), the VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network will provide filtration-capable vacuum to three operations from single pump. By selecting a pump with higher vacuum capacity and pumping speed (like the MD4C NT), two VACUU•LAN® Mini-Networks can be supported from the one pump, providing 1.5 mbar vacuum to 6 vacuum workstations in just minutes.

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