“Green” Lab Construction

When you’re building a “green” science building, and some of your laboratories require vacuum support, what are your options to provide vacuum for those labs? Water-jet aspirator pumps are out. They waste and pollute thousands of gallons of water per year, even apart from the limited and variable vacuum they provide. A central vacuum system could provide the vacuum, but these systems tend to be resource intensive, with an oversized pump and tubing network that normally operate 24/7, wasting energy. Meanwhile, biological and chemical vapors condense behind walls in the vacuum lines, creating a witch’s brew of toxic sludge that lasts as long as the building. Not a very “green” solution!

VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks are right-sized to known needs, while adapting readily as needs change over time. Pumps operate only on demand, conserving as much as 90 percent of the energy that may be needed for central vacuum supply. The high performance vacuum available from VACUU•LAN® networks means that you can supply vacuum as deep as 1.5 Torr from bench ports, eliminating the need for many dedicated pumps. Network pumps can even capture for reuse or proper disposal the waste vapors generated by many lab vacuum applications, reducing building emissions to the environment.

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