Adaptable Labs

When you’re investing in state-of-the-art flexible lab space that can adapt quickly to the changing priorities of your research, a major obstacle is presented by providing utilities to each lab bench location. Wouldn’t you like to be able to supply lab vacuum where it’s needed now and in the future without having to install a costly, oversized, building-wide vacuum system? You may open the building with the central lab vacuum system that is capped at half or more of the drop points, and then pay for its power consumption and maintenance for the life of the building.

VACUU•LAN® local vacuum networks are installed in individual labs, with vacuum systems suited to the requirements. Chemists can get deep, stable – even programmable – vacuum supply at each bench port, while biologists can get the high pumping speeds needed for filtration and aspiration applications. Should the need change, the local network pump can be changed in minutes, or a new network added in a few hours, with minimal disruption to working labs. The local, oil-free vacuum pumps are so quiet that they operate virtually unnoticed in the lab, and require service only after 15,000 hours – typically many years in most labs.